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Admits is a multi-functional system that ensures your ticketing and access control operation is also a flexible and powerful management tool. The system can be used to issue tickets, wristbands, receipts, membership cards, gift cards, point cards, or photo passes. All can be integrated with access control to administer general admission as well as date, time and capacity controlled events.

Admits handles the diverse needs of a visitor services office, from event set-up through sales, ticket printing, cash control and reporting. It addresses both advance reservations and walk-up sales for individuals or groups. Point-of-Sale screens can be accessed through touch screen monitor, programmable keyboard, predefined function keys and mouse. Tickets, receipts and cards can be printed on a variety of industry standard printers. The system also integrates Scanners, Turnstiles, Pole Displays, Credit Card Swipes, Cash Drawers etc..

The Admits system was designed to deliver enhanced marketing capabilities: Patron specific as well as generic demographic data capture; Product Interest Codes; Membership attendance tracking; Coupons, Gift Certificates, Stored Value Cards, Loyalty Cards; "Combo" pricing; all supported by open and powerful relational database capabilities.

In additional to traditional general admission ticket sales, Admits also meets the needs of Time and Capacity controlled Events within such facilities. Examples would include: lecture series; educational programs; IMAX theaters; room rentals; special events etc..

Multiple venues (parks / sites) within an operation are administered from one integrated management module and share a common database for simple reporting of independent and combined data. With the addition of the access control module, tickets can be designed to be shared across multiple venues based on flexible and easy to create rules.

In addition to the numerous imbedded reports, the system is sold with Crystal Reports for unparalleled and unlimited reporting capabilities. There are currently in excess of 175 Crystal reports that are made available to clients and are easily customized. The extensive recording of system activities provides for very detailed reporting and auditing capabilities.

Admits is modular in design, allowing the functional components to be configured to suit the needs of a variety of facilities and their diverse operations. It is a 32 bit Windows Client-Server application built with and upon current technologies.

The Admits application is supported by a SQL database with tools to Import and Export data using a variety of sources including other database applications, delimited txt files and Excel files.